Namespace: LocalSignatures


Enum of Local Channel Signatures



readonly '200 Channel' Signal

The Channel Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Channel-ListenRequest ListenRequest

Request listen channel

"1" Signal ListenConfirm

Channel listen confirm

"2" Signal ListenReject

Channel listen reject

"3" Signal ListenFail

Channel listen fail

"4" Signal ConnectRequest

Request channel connect

"5" Channel-ConnectConfirm ConnectConfirm

Response channel connection successed

"6" Signal ConnectReject

Response channel connection reject

"7" Channel-ConnectFail ConnectFail

Response channel connection failed

"8" Channel-ConnectClose ConnectClose

Request and response connection close

"9" Signal NetSpeedRequest

Deprecated request net speed

"10" Signal NetSpeed

Deprecated request net speed

"11" Channel-StopListenRequest StopListenRequest

Request stop listen channel

"100" Channel-ConnectRequestEx ConnectRequestEx

Deprecated NOT USED

"101" Signal CloseResponse

Deprecated NOT USED

"103" Channel-PortForwardRequest PortForwardRequest

Request port forward

"104" Channel-PortForward PortForward

Response port forward

readonly '201 Noop' Signal

The Noop(Channel) Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Signal NoopRequest

Send noop data(ping)

"1" Signal NoopConfirm

Receive noop data(pong)

"2" Signal NoopRequestNoAck

Send noop no-ack

readonly '209 File' Signal

The File(SFTP) Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" File-Path Path

Request file list

"1" File-PathList PathList

Response file list

"2" Signal PathListEnd

Receive file list end

"3" File-DeleteRequest DeleteRequest

Request delete file

"4" File-Delete Delete

Response delete file

"5" File-RenameRequest RenameRequest

Request change file name

"6" File-Rename Rename

Response change file name

"7" File-MakeFolderRequest MakeFolderRequest

Request create a new folder

"8" File-MakeFolder MakeFolder

Response create folder result

"9" File-ExcuteRequest ExcuteRequest

Deprecated NOT USED

"10" File-Excute Excute

Deprecated NOT USED

"11" File-CreatedItem CreatedItem

Deprecated NOT USED

"12" File-Find Find

Send find file start

"13" File-FindList FindList

Receive find file data

"14" Signal FindListEnd

Receive find file end

"15" File-DirectoryInfoRequest DirectoryInfoRequest

Deprecated NOT USED

"16" File-DirectoryInfo DirectoryInfo

Deprecated NOT USED

"50" Signal Cancel_

Deprecated NOT USED

"51" Signal Stop

Request cancel find file

"61" Union ARRAYLIT

GetRequest, SendRequest, CopyRequest, MoveRequest, FindRequest


"62" Union ARRAYLIT

GetResponse, SendResponse, CopyResponse, MoveResponse


"63" File-Header Header

Deprecated NOT USED

"64" File-DataTransferStart DataTransferStart

Deprecated NOT USED

"65" File-Chunk Chunk

Deprecated NOT USED

"66" Signal DataEnd

Deprecated NOT USED

"67" File-DataTransferEnd DataTransferEnd

Deprecated NOT USED

"80" Signal DataTransferCancel

Deprecated NOT USED

"81" File-Share Share

Deprecated NOT USED

"91" File-UploadListRequest UploadListRequest

Request upload list to pc

"92" File-UploadList UploadList

Response the result of upload list

"93" File-DownloadListRequest DownloadListRequest

Request download list to pc

"94" File-DownloadList DownloadList

Response the result of download list

"101" File-CopyMoveRequest CopyMoveRequest

Send file copy/move start

"102" File-CopyMove CopyMove

Receive file copy/move result

"103" File-TransferStart TransferStart

Receive file transfer start

"104" File-TransferPosition TransferPosition

Receive file transfer position

"105" File-TransferComplete TransferComplete

Receive file transfer complete

"106" File-TransferEnd TransferEnd

Receive file transfer end

"107" File-CancelRequest CancelRequest

Request(send) cancel of file tasks

"108" File-Cancel Cancel

Receive file transfer cancel

"109" File-NotEnoughSpace NotEnoughSpace

Receive error of not enough space

"110" File-NotExistFile NotExistFile

Receive error of not exist file

"111" File-Error Error

Receive unknown error


readonly '220 Remote' Signal

The Remote Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Signal ViewerInfoRequest

Deprecated Request(receive) viewer info

"1" Remote-ViewerInfo ViewerInfo

Response(send) viewer info

"50" Signal HostInfoRequest

Request host info

"51" Remote-HostInfo HostInfo

Response host info

"61" Remote-AuthInfoRequest AuthInfoRequest

Request auth info

"62" Remote-AuthInfo AuthInfo

Response the result of auth info

"71" Remote-HttpLoginIdRequest HttpLoginIdRequest

Request login info

"72" Remote-HttpLoginId HttpLoginId

Response login info

"81" Signal AuthTokenRequest

Deprecated NOT USED

"82" Signal AuthToken

Deprecated NOT USED

"100" Remote-LocalInfoRequest LocalInfoRequest

Request local auth info

"101" Remote-LocalInfo LocalInfo

Response the result of local info

"102" Signal NetworkTypeError

Receive network type error


readonly '235 Notify' Signal

The Notify(Notification) Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Notify-SMS SMS

Receive on detect a new SMS

"1" Notify-PhoneCall PhoneCall

Receive on ring of phone call

"2" Notify-Mail Mail

Receive on detect a new email

"3" Notify-MMS MMS

Receive on detect a new MMS

"4" Notify-Power Power

Receive on power on/off

"5" Notify-Battery Battery

Deprecated Receive on battery status change

"6" Notify-App App

Receive on detect a new running application

"7" Signal ConnectionStarted

Request start screen on/off signal (DEMON)

"8" Union ARRAYLIT

null, Photo, Video, Music

Receive on a new media item added

"9" Notify-NewCallLog NewCallLog

Receive on detect a new call log added

"10" Notify-DeleteMedia DeleteMedia

Receive on delete a file of media

"11" Notify-DeleteCallLog DeleteCallLog

Receive on detect a call log removed

"12" Notify-NewContact NewContact

Receive on detect a new contact added

"13" Notify-DeleteContact DeleteContact

Receive on detect a contact removed

"14" Notify-UpdateContact UpdateContact

Receive on detect a contact updated

"15" Notify-MessageDetect MessageDetect

Receive on detect a new text message removed

"16" Notify-MessageSent MessageSent

Receive on detect sent of message

"17" Notify-MessageDelete MessageDelete

Receive on detect a text message removed

"18" Notify-MessageContactDelete MessageContactDelete

Receive on detect a message contact removed

"19" Signal UpdateTrackConfig

Receive on detect device tracking changed

"27" Signal IndexingComplete

Receive on media indexing complete of plug-in

"200" Notify-SetSMSCall SetSMSCall

Deprecated NOT USED


readonly '236 Device' Signal

The Device Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Signal InfoRequest

Request device info

"1" Device-Info Info

Receive device info

"2" Signal Wake

Request wake up

"3" Device-DiskSizeRequest DiskSizeRequest

Request desk size

"4" Device-DiskSize DiskSize

Receive storage size of device

"5" Device-SettingsAccessiblity SettingsAccessiblity

Receive settings accessiblity of device

"6" Device-Volume Volume

Deprecated NOT USED

"7" Signal NoSleepModeSet

Deprecated NOT USED

"8" Signal NoSleepRelease

Deprecated NOT USED

"9" Signal APKUpdate

Deprecated NOT USED

"10" Device-SDCard SDCard

Deprecated NOT USED

"11" Signal SDCardInfoRequest

Request sd card info

"12" Device-SDCardInfo SDCardInfo

Receive SD card info

"13" Device-SMSbackup SMSbackup

Receive SMS backup state

"14" Device-Battery Battery

Receive battery state of device

"15" Device-Capture Capture

Receive possible state of capture on device

"16" Signal _Unknown


"17" Device-HWNavigation HWNavigation

Request software button visible

"18" Device-Inject Inject

Receive possible state of inject permession

"19" Signal APKInstall

Send display apk update for inject permession


readonly '237 Archive' Signal

The Archive(Backup And Restore) Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Archive-BackupRequest BackupRequest

Send backup start

"1" Archive-Backup Backup

Response a result of backup

"2" Archive-DownloadStart DownloadStart

Send restore or backup list download

"3" Archive-DownloadCount DownloadCount

Receive backup file count

"4" Archive-DownloadItemInfo DownloadItemInfo

Receive current file transfer info

"5" Archive-DownloadItemPosition DownloadItemPosition

Receive current file transfer position

"6" Archive-DownloadItemEnd DownloadItemEnd

Receive current file transfer end

"7" Signal DownloadEnd

Receive file transfer end

"8" Archive-RestoreRequest RestoreRequest

Send restore start

"9" Archive-Restore Restore

Response the result of restore

"10" Signal Cancel

Send restore or backup cancel

"11" Archive-BackupFolderRequest BackupFolderRequest

Request backup folder info

"12" Archive-BackupFolder BackupFolder

Response the result of backup folders

"13" Signal RestoreFolderRequest

Request restore folder info

"14" Archive-RestoreFolder RestoreFolder

Response the result of restore folders

"15" Archive-SelectedFolder SelectedFolder

Send selected folders

"16" Archive-Option Option

Send backup or restore option

"20" Archive-NotEnoughSpace NotEnoughSpace

Receive an error of not enough space

"30" Archive-FolderInfoRequest FolderInfoRequest

Send backup or restore info

"31" Archive-FolderInfo FolderInfo

Response backup or restore folders info

"100" Archive-Error Error

Receive an error of unknown

"200" Signal Terminate

Receive restore(or send backup) terminate


readonly '242 Media' Signal

The Media Signatures.

Name Type Default Description
"0" Media-DataRequest DataRequest

Request media files

"1" Media-Data Data

Response total count of media

"2" Union ARRAYLIT

null, Photo, Video, Music

Receive a media data

"3" Signal DataEnd

Receive media data end

"4" Media-PreviewRequest PreviewRequest

Request preview image of media

"5" Media-Preview Preview

Response a data of media preview

"6" Media-Cancel Cancel

Send indexing cancel

"7" Media-Pause Pause

Send indexing pause

"8" Media-Resume Resume

Send indexing resume

"10" Signal Error

Receive an error

"11" Media-PreviewError PreviewError

Receive preview error

"30" Media-Sync Sync

Request database sync

"100" Media-SingleDataRequest SingleDataRequest

Request media search

"101" Media-SingleData SingleData

Response the single data of media

"102" Media-Access Access

Request media access

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